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With over 40 years history of profitable trading Bridge takes pride in its position as one of the UK’s leading independent insurance intermediaries.

With this in mind, we expect our insurance partners to have similar exacting standards.

We pride ourselves on the strong working relationships we have built with all of our partners since we began trading in 1970.

Specialist Bespoke Solutions

Understanding the vast range of construction methods within this sector enables us to work with our Insurer partners to deliver cost efficient insurance solutions.

We work with our hotel clients to manage their insurance claims and defend liability claims by assisting in the implementation of specifically developed practical solutions and systems.

We have also been instrumental in establishing a unique hotel remediation service which, with the support of our Insurer partners, enables us to provide access to specialist contractors in the event of an insured incident. This enables quick and efficient remediation of hotel rooms helping all parties to mitigate the overall time and cost of claims.

For new business enquiries, please email or ring Andrew Bailey, Director of Corporate, on 0161 234 9346.